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Career Counseling Cell (UGC XI th Plan Merged Scheme)

Faculty In-Charge:-
1. Dr. Sadnana P. Shiledar
2. Dr. Sadhana S. Deshpande

Timings - Daily between 12.30 to 01.30 PM.

Facilities- The students can avail of material related to Career Opportunities, Placement Options etc.

Programmes organized during the session 2010-2011:-

1. 16th August, 2010- "Career in the Field of Publication and Printing" by Dr. Ramdas Bhatkal, Director, Popular Publications, Mumbai

2. 26th August, 2010- "Career in Photography" by Sangeeta Mahajan, Press Photographer and Artist, Nagpur.

3. 28th August, 2010- "Career Opportunities in Music on AIR" by Mr. Digambar Pimpalghare, Station Director, AIR, Nagpur.

4. 18th September, 2010- "Opportunities in AIR" by Dr. Suhasini Koratkar, Ex-Station Director, AIR, New Delhi.

5. 24th September, 2010- Seminar on "Corporate Styling and Power Dressing" by Shweta Gupta (Hamstech Institute), Nagpur.

6. 27th to 29th September, 2010- Workshop on "Communicative Skills in English", six sessions by Lawrence Henry, YSE Academy, Nagpur.

7. 29th September 2010- "Freelance Journalism" by Dr. Anil Chamdia, New Delhi.

8. 1st October 2010- "Job Opportunities for Students in Arts and Humanities" by Chester Academy, Nagpur.

9. 5th October, 2010- "Career Opportunities in Social Sciences" by Dr. Kishore Mahabal, HOD, Political Science, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur

10. 6th October, 2010- "Career Opportunities in the Field of Tourism" by Mrs. Chanda Sinhababu, QUONI Academy, Nagpur.

11. 9th to 11th October, 2010- Lectures on "Perspective Studies, Research and Career in Indian Archaeology" four sessions by Dr. G.B. Deglurkar, President, Deccan College Deemed University, Pune.

12. 12th October, 2010- "Career as a Compere" by Mrs. Renuka Deshkar, Professional Compere, Nagpur.

Sr. No. Date Activity Resource person
1 Importance of Goal setting Mr. D T Hedao
2 23.09.11 Career Talk Mr. Gaurav Mudala
3 23.09.11 Employability in various sector Mr. Alexander
4 18.10.11 Career in Multimedia Mr. Ratnes Dube
5 19.10.11 Employability skills Mr. Vasudev Rao
6 to 11 02.12.11 Career in Archaeology (series of 6 lectures) Dr. V. S. Shinde, Deccan College, Pune
12 14.12.11 Job Opportunities in Banking Sector Mr. K N Murthy
13 to 15 19.12.11 Career in Music Direction(series of 3 lectures) Ms. Madhuri Oak
16 to 18 20.12.11 Career in Music Direction(series of 3 lectures) Mr. Vishwanath Oak
19 21.11.12 Career in Photography Mr. Abhishek Khoragade
20 09.01.12 Career in Japanese Language Mr. Mandar Sugwekar
21 to 27 16.01.12 - 27.01.11 Communicative English (series of 14 lectures) Mr. Deepak Bhagade
28 28.01.12 Career in Electronic Media Mr. Deepak Koartkar Mr. Nishat Mahatme
29 28.01.12 Career in Foreign Languages(series of 2 Lectures)


Kilbil day center was inaugurated on 1 Aug 2010, under the UGC Merged scheme No. F-7-46/07 M.S.(WRO)- 2 Mar 2010, in the Old Morris College premises, Nagpur. It is a "Home Away From Home" facility for the childern of the Staff and Students of the Insititute. The timings are generally between 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM. However, flexibility is also provided as per the needs of the Staff.

Members of the Day Care Center


Dr. Mrs. Vaijayanti K. Deshpande
Mrs. Anuradha R. Nisal

Facilitator - Mrs Kanchan Antapurkar

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