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      An incident which occurred in the 1950’s will highlight the sorry condition and status of the Hindi language in those days. At the main entrance of the Institute was a sign board which said “No Thorough Fare ”. This was translated by some ignorant students as “ MatAanaJaiyana ” . This remained uncorrect for several years as nobody seemed to care. Inspite of the fact that Hindi was introduced as a subject in 1940’s, lack of interest and political will was the reason for the poor development of the language. However, despite this unimpressive start, we have the following achievements that have brought the language to its important status today.

      Earlier, exams were conducted by Bhartiya Hindi Sammelan which gave a very good base to students in passing the Visharad Exam with flying colours. This practice was later continued by the Department of Hindi. Students were fascinated by the Hindi Language therefore Hindi nSahityaSamiti was inaugurated . On 18th December, 1960 our past President Late Dr.Rajendra Prasad visited the Institute and delivered the inaugural speech bin Hindi.He stated the importance of our National Language. Inauguration of an arts and books exhibition also took place at the hands of the Nagpur Universisy Vice Chancellor, Shri. M. Badkas in which several books of Hindi were also displayed.A very famous and well known Hindi Upanayaskar, Shri. AnantGopalShewda visited our Institute.

      Dr.Vinay Mohan Sharma was the Head of the Department in 1957 . Smt. ShaliniBorgaonkar took charge as Head in 1957 . She served the department till 1986 . Hindi SahityaSamiti’s inauguration was held on 18th Jan. 1984 at the hands of late Dr.Harbhajan Singh Hanspal followed by KaviSammelan in which many renowned poets like Shri. Nazin Ansari, Shri. NeerajVyas, Shri. RajendraPatoria etc. read their poems. On 19thNovember , 1984 , Hindi SahityaMandal was inaugurated at the hand of Hindi scholar Shri. R. Yatri. On the same day , late Indira Gandhi Jayanti was also celebrated, in our Institute’s Independence Hall, Novelist Sr. VirendraSaxena was the chief guest.

      Dr.Sarju Prasad Mishra then became the Head in 1986. He was the Head of the Department till 1989.He was then transferred to Kolhapur. Later Dr. S. Hanumant Naidu headed the department from 1989 till 1991. Once again Dr.Sarju Prasad Mishra was transferred from Kolhapur to the Institute and he took the charge as Head of the Department in 1991 . Under his headship , Hindi language got greater impetus in and around Nagpur. Percentage of students taking admissions in Hindi had gone up slowly. His 22 books in Hindi Sahitya, 03 Natak and 03 Upanyas are already published . He also guided several students for M.Phil and Ph.D. More than 15 students have been already awarded P.hD degree under his guidance.On 11th December Dr.Sarju Prasad Mishra joined as Professor and Head of the Departmentin Post Graduate Teaching Department of Hindi, Nagpur University, Nagpur

      From 16th August 1997 onwards Department is headed by Dr.RenuBali .Dr.BalasahebKulkarni joined the Department on 02 September 1997 . He was transferred to Amravati on 19th June 2010 . Percentage of students taking admissions in Hindi Language and Hindi Literature had gradually gone up since 1997 . With such good strength of the students from B.A. Part I, sections had to be made for B.A. Part I Hindi Compulsory Students. At present there are two sections in B.A. Part I Compulsory (A&B) .Thus the work-load of the Lecturers / Dept.hasincreased . This achievement since 1998 is remarkable .

      Since 1997 , under the able guidance of Dr.Renu Bali, department has been conducting various programmes, Competitions , workshops and Seminars for the students. In 2006 , department started an Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition as a new activity , in which students of affiliated colleges to RashtrasantTukadojiMaharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur can participate . We get an overwhelmed response since years from students in the said Competition.

      Likewise there is drastic improvement made by the department every year with lustrous Alumni .

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