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Brief History:-

The Institute boasts of a brilliant record of achievements in the field of Sports. The upward march began in the 1940s and in 1950-51 the students of the Institute was honoured for winning all the trophies of sports, in the University. The students of the Institute have always displayed a very high standard of discipline, sportsmanship and "spirit de corps" and have remained true to the 100 year old motto of "One Heart-One Mind". The teachers of the Department of Physical Education have also made earnest efforts to inculcate interest among the students for sports and physical fitness along with academic attainments. The students of the Institute have also represented the University teams and a fair share in the State-level teams. In the long history of 100 years, our sportsmen have maintained a high tradition of bringing prestige and honour for their Alma Mater.

List of Programmes [ Level of Study UG/PG] Offer of the Department Together with the detailed required Below :-
Programme Level of Study Students Strength
Number of Student in the Department during the Current Year :-
Number of Teaching Staff of the Department
01            01            02
List of the Teaching Staff with TheirNames Designation, Qualification, Feilds of Specialisation, Year of Experience Age and Sex

Name of the Staff   Designation Qualification   Specialisation                       Age    Sex      Exp
Shri. D.G.Sontakke   Lecturer      M.p.ed             Handball National Reffree      45    Male    15yrs
Mrs.C.C.Patil           Lecturer      M.p.ed, NET      Yoga,Ball Badminton Reffree  46    Female 15yrs

What is the Sanctioned Teaching Staff Strength And Position Sanctioned- 03
Filled - 02
Rechearch Undertaken Nil
Rechearch Project Nil

Any other Highlights :-

This Institute (Old Morris College) has a Brilliant record of trophies and Schields won in various games and has produced sportsmen who have had outstanding achievments to their credit.We had,for instance, our heydays in the Forties and it is if we have reached the climax of the upswing in 1950-51 by acheiving the unique honour of winning all the trophies in the university. Our Boys and Girls have exibited a very high standard of Dicipline, sportmanship and "spritde corps".They have always remained true to that 100 years old motto "One Heart- One Mind".
The college authorities have always recognised the fact that along with academic attainments games have an important role to play in the life of college students.This college has always been in a premium position in the feild of sports and games in this part of our state.It has had the lions share in the University teams and a fair share in the states its long history of 100 years it has produced sportsmen of high caliber.
Our sportsmen have built up high traditions on the playfeild. to them the prestige and honour of their Alma Mater always comes first,their individual fame and glory comes next.Every sportsman has played a significant part in bringing glory to the college.Every little bit done by him finds a place of honour in the college sports records.Whatever little bit has been done by him be it a run scored or a catch held on the cricket ground,a forceful drive on the Tennis court,a timely goal in Football or a Hockey macth, an Athletics event has always been recognised as little bit that has made the college what it is in the feild of sports.
Regular games started when the Government gave the present playground to the college.
Cricket has been the most popu;lar game in the early days of college with outstanding players like P.V. Gadgil, Lally Gadgil, Sadubhau Dandige, K.K. Ringe, Shinoo Phatak,Madhaorao Deshmukh, Bhayyaji Vaidya,D.K.Parande ,Y.S. Paranjape, A.R. Jaywant, P.N.Laghate,Rajdha,S.P.Katwal,Janak Ramdas, Gajanan Bhide, Bhaurao Chimote, L.B. Deoskar, Shankar Limaye, S.A. Rahim, K.S. Thakhur ,Khaliq, Challa Narsimhan , Vasant Deo.
The college had won the Korea Durbar Cricket six times by 1935. Rahim and Challa Narsimhan had captioned the Vidarbha team in Ranji trophy Tournment. S.A. Rahim had the unique honour of representing Indian Universities against the West Indies teams during its tour in India.
C.D. Deoras is easily one of the Best allrounders produced by our college. In Cricket, Hockey, Badminton and TableTennis he has shown his merits.He had the All India Honours in Badminton of those days. The Institute is also proud of M.A.Hafiz,also a product of this college. He was specialised in Hockey and Atheletics.Salim Baig and G.S. Sehmi were outstanding. Prominent Football players of the college were Sadubhau dandige , Narsaiya, Ghoshal, A. Haq, B. Patnaik, P.K.Page, T.R. Nandanpawar. in Fotball G. V. Nazar, center forward the college team, stood out by himself. He was better known as 'SHOOT ENGINE'. 2005- 06 :- Winner of Intercollegiate Korfball tournment -
Reprsented University
1) Ku. Maheshwari Laxman Bhurbhure - M.A-II , Korfball, Amritsar (Punjab).
2) Ku. Kalpana Vittal Badwaik - B.A - III, Korfball, Amritsar (Punjab).
3) Indrakumar Ramchandra Sonkela - M.A - I , Korfball, Amritsar (Punjab).
4) Vinkey Vinod Shambharkar M.A-I , Korfball, Amritsar, (Punjab).
1) Ku. Sneha Ramesh Gajbhiye, Azaz Mohammad Shaikh, participated in National School Championship ,Ludhiyana, (Punjab)
2) Shailendra Mulchand Tambe - 11th State School. Boxing championship tournment 58 kgs weight Bronze medal at Patur, Akola.
2006- 07 :- FOOTBALL- All India Inter University
1) Ku . Vaishali Darasingh Uaikey- Karaikudi ( A.Pradesh)
2) Ku. Shilpa Sanghrakshak Sukhdeve - Karaikudi (A.Pradesh)
3) Ku. Manisha Rajkumar Bangde - Karaikudi ( A.Pradesh).
BALL-BADMINTON All India Inter University Tournment :-
1) Ku. Ambila Suresh Parteki
2) Dilip Sachin Dallare.

2007- 08 :- All India Inter university Tournment
1) Ku. Vaishali Darasingh Uaikey- Football/ Korfball
2) Ku . Shilpa Sanghrakshak Sukhdeve- Football
3) ku. Sneha Ramesh Gajhbiye- Football
4) Ku. Manisha Rajkumar Bangade - Football
5) Ku. Ashwini Gyaneshwar Meshram - Korfball

2008-09 :-
Ku. Preeti Prakash Sontakke - Ballbadminton
Ku. Vaishali Darasingh Uaikey - Football

CRICKET National : -

Ku. Trunali Dhamankar
ku. Jennet Henry Pilley






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